Is Rose Water a Toner?

Is rose water a toner?

Rose Water comes from the Rosa damascena flower (=Damask flower) which is made by distilling rose petals with steam.

Rose Water is a powerful beauty ingredient used from over history.

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, is renowned bathing her face and body with rose water. Even in literature, Shakespeare writes about Cleopatra’s relation with rose water in “Anthony and Cleopatra”.

Rose water is suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive ones.


Rose Water as a Toner


Rose Water is an all-natural toner for your skin.


Unlike many toners, rose water is all-natural and obviously no alcohol in it.

What is a toner?

In conventional face cares, after washing face with harsh chemical products, people try to remove the heavy rest with a cotton pad.

In many toners in the market, there is a high concentration of alcohol in it. Alcohol can dry out skin thus, trigger the skin to produce more oil and cause breakouts.


Since we do not use heavy formulas, you can skin this phase where you use toner with a cotton pad to remove unwanted chemicals, and still use “toner” without a cotton pad, directly “pshtt” to your face to benefit from rose water’s beneficial skin properties.


Rose water helps balance pH level of your skin, hydrate it, and helps against breakouts, rosacea and blackheads.



10 Benefits of Rose water:

  1. Anti-Aging properties

Rose Water contains vtamin A and C, which help boosting skin collagen production, thus helping prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines


2. Reduces skin redness

Rose Water contains Vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory properties thus helping with skin redness.


3. Reduce the appearance of broken capillaries

Rose Water helps reducing the appearance of broken capillaries around your face.


4. Protects skin

Rose Water helps protecting your skin cells from damage caused by free radicals thanks to its powerful antioxidants.


5. Acne

Rose Water has anti-bacterial properties which may also help with acne conditions.


6. Cooling effect

Rose Water can be used as a face cooler 😊 Especially during summer times, you can put your rose water spray bottle in the fridge and put it in your bag the whole day, apply it whenever you want to feel cool, it also helps your skin feel fresh, moisturized and flexible.


7. Tightening skin pores

Rose Water is rich in “tannins” which helps with minimizing the appearance of skin pores.


8. Helps balancing pH level

Rose Water helps balancing your skin’s pH level, which is important to prevent against some skin issues such as acne.


9. Helps with eczema and psoriasis

Rose Water has soothing and refreshing properties which help with eczema and psoriasis.


10. Helps with hyperpigmentation

Rose water helps with uneven skin tone, thus can be used to lighten your skin pigmentation. (keep in mind that consistency is key 😉 )




Which Rose Water to choose?

– Do not get confused with formulas having “100% Rose Water” or similar labels. These are generally marketing traps. It means that the rose water is natural, Rose water is obviously natural lol, but it does not mean they did not add any other chemical preservative…


-Make sure you check the ingredient list, and there is ONLY Rosa Damascena Water (Rose Water) in it.




 -Make sure the Rose Water you are choosing is also “Organic” labeled. You can also buy from a trusted source of yours if you have one, or even you can do your own rose water 😉

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