prevent/delay wrinkles naturally

Prevent/delay wrinkles naturally


13 tips to delay wrinkles naturally



  • Cleaning

“Cleansing is an Anti-Aging Routine”. Cleaning your skin is probably more important than we may think.Don’t forget to remove ethe dust, bacteria which can lead to aging, breakouts…



  • Sleep

When we start getting sleepy, around 9 pm, our brain starts producing melatonin hormone.

Melatonin hormone:

✓ Helps our body to regulate its sleep-wake cycle

✓ Counteracts damage to the skin during the day from aggressors (like UV and pollution)


Stop using your phone and other technological devices before bed!

→ The blue light technology can severely reduce the amount of melatonin released from our brains. This is the reason why we should stop using technological devices (such as your phone, laptop, …) before bed

→ Switch off all the lights before bed because this hormone is triggered in response to darkness



When we are sleeping, our brains produce HGH (the Human Growth Hormone) which gets the most around 11pm-4am.


Human Growth Hormone:

✓ Helps accelerating cell regeneration

✓ Helps accelerating skin’s repair




Stop over-consuming sugar because sugar inhibits HGH!

→Instead, consume protein and amino acids which boosts HGH.

Here are some sources:

– eggs, grass fed meat, fatty fish, whey protein

Here are some plant-based sources:

-Goji berries, nuts, algae, chia seeds, quinoa, raw chocolate.











➔ HGH and Melatonin hormones are both beneficial; they both have anti-aging and healing properties ➔So, mind going to bed at least at 11 pm




  • Stop using cotton pillowcases – Silk pillowxase




How to identify Silk’s Quality:

  • Mulberry silk is known to be the highest quality of all silks. Their fibers are longer and regular which makes it very smooth and long-lasting.


Momme indicator?

  • Momme number certifies that the fabric is thin and very resistant.
  • Momme number varies between 10-22. But a high-quality silk varies between 19-22 mommes. The higher the Momme (mm) is the higher the quality of silk is.



  • 3) anti-aging benefits;

 -Silk helps counter aging effects;

Our skin regenerates itself mostly at night.  Silk has natural proteins and 18 essential amino acid à which speed up skin cells’ metabolism and helps the process 


-Silk prevents premature aging:

 Cotton is a rough fabric, when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, it results with repeated rubbing of the face on the pillow which leads to premature signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles) with time.

Unlike cotton, silk is a soft fabric and soothes even more our skins.

 According to a research lead by Dr. Samuel J.STEGMAN in 1987, skin gets damaged with continuous contact with pillowcase.

The solution would be to sleep on softer material such as silk.

















  • Face Massage

Did you know that from about the age of 17, we tend to lose our collagen gradually? We can help our skin to produce more of collagen by doing face massage, face exercising.


Here are some benefits of face massaging: – Relaxes your face muscles (by smoothing tension-filled expressions we make every day) – Improve collagen production (prevents sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles) – Improves circulation – Prevents muscle atrophy






  • Face Yoga


Face Yoga: Face yoga is a combination of exercises which activates every muscle on the face and teaches you how to control them consciously. Face yoga will relax and tone your face muscles.


How face yoga works?

Face yoga is based on the principle of resistance training. With our finger’s help, we are producing resistance and opposite resistance on our facial muscles. While we are pushing one muscle one way, the other muscle connected to the other one pushes the other way.


Benefits of face yoga/exercise

-relaxes your face muscles (by smoothing tension-filled expressions we make every day)

-improve collagen production (prevents sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles)

-improves circulation

-prevents muscle atrophy




  • Moisturize




  • Drink Water


Did you know that around 70% to 75% of our body is composed of water?






Anti-ageing effects:

The lack of hydration might cause your skin:

→ To become dry and tight

→ To lose its elasticity

→ To feel rough

→ To be prone to fine line lines and wrinkles Water helps delaying these signs:

✓ Wrinkles

✓ Dark circles

✓ Fine lines


When you consume enough amount of water:

✓ Your skin cells are hydrated, and they work well

✓ Water plumps the skin cells up, your skin looks “less wrinkled”

✓ Water helps keeping the skin moist

✓ Water hydrates and replenishes the skin tissues, leading to promote collagen production so an increase in the skin’s elasticity.







  • Moderate Sun exposure



It is known that most of skin aging is the result of Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays UVA rays are known to be the longest rays that reach us from the sun and then penetrate the deeper layer of our skin (dermis), which known to damage our collagen and elastin.

When these proteins are damaged, the skin starts to lose its elasticity which results in fine lines and wrinkles. However, according to WHO, moderate sun exposure may be beneficial for our health. 2-3 times a week from 5 to 15 min. is enough to enjoy the sun’s benefits.


Sun benefits:

✓ Boosts vitamin D

✓ Stronger bones

✓ Better sleep

✓ Healthier immune system

✓ Improves your mood



While there are a lot of good reasons to get sun there are also of disadvantages, specially being under the sun more than 15 minutes

Excessive Sun Exposure Disadvantages:

→Skin cancer; the sun emits UV (ultraviolet) radiation. UV radiation can penetrate the skin and then damage the cell DNA.

→Premature aging; unprotected exposure to UV rays break down the collagen and elastin fibers which causes wrinkles

→Scarring; UV radiations can cause scars to discolor or take more time to heal.

If you already have acne problems, excessive sup exposure can worsen the situation and can lead to acne scarring.




In order to protect your skin from cancer, premature aging and scarring, make sure that you:

1) Wear Sunscreen (****)

2) Wear UV filtering sunglasses

3) Wear long sleeves

4) Wear brimmed hat

5) Sit in the shade




  • Pollution


  • Blue Light


Blue light is a color, which is part of the spectrum of visible light. It can be seen by human eyes.

Blue light is a short wavelength light (different from UVA and UVB rays), which significates that it can produce high amount of energy.

Where is it?

There are basically 2 types of blue light: Artificial Blue Light and Natural Blue Light.

Artificial Blue Light

can be found in digital screens (phones, computers, laptop, TV’s..), LED, fluorescent lighting, and electronical devices.


Natural Blue Light is known to be everywhere around us, and its primary source is known to be the Sun.

Natural vs Artificial Blue Light:

Natural Blue Light (the hero ) Artificial Blue Light (the monster)
-help our bodies to regulate its sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythm) -increase our moods -increase our well-being feelings -helps boosting memory -helps with cognitive function -boosts alertness …. -Disrupts the body’s sleep and wake cycles (=circadian rhythm) -Hardens focus – Can be the cause of certain types of cancer -May cause permanent eye damage

-Headaches   …..

Artificial Blue Light Skin harms
-Age your skin (fine lines and wrinkles -Pigmentation (reformuler) – The best evidence we have is that blue light « contributes to brown spots on the skin and hyperpigmentation such as melasma, and possibly to photoaging and the breakdown of collagen, which leads to wrinkles and skin laxity, »

What about… my Skin?

Did you know that your computer, tablet, phone… could affect your skin?

Besides all the harms Artificial Blue Light can do to your body, this one can also affect your precious skin.

Some Scientifical Research:

As we know now, Artificial Blue Light is damaging skin, the damaging effects will be visible over time, just like sun exposure.

Ageing effect:

– According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science blue light damage the skin cells thus accelerating the process of premature ageing (causing fine lines and wrinkles).

Free radicals:

-According to a study published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity in 2015  , skin exposure to blue light may generate free radicals in skin, which leads to premature ageing (fine lines and wrinkles).













  • Moderate Refined Sugar Consumption


Sugar is one of the most important causes of premature aging. Sugar causes a chemical reaction called glycation in our cells. This process results in disruption of the membranes. This disruption which starts around our 20’s can be minimized by eating appropriately for our bodies.

Harms in eating refined sugar:

→ Wrinkles; it will increase your insulin levels, then cause inflammation throughout your body, which will break down the collagen in your skin (which results in wrinkles).

→ Acne; high levels of insulin also causes acne and breakouts

→ Dark spots, affecting your hair growth and nail health. In order to be sure, just check the ingredients behind your “product




  • Moderate Junkfood Consumption


What is Junkfood? They are food with:

→very poor Nutritional value (proteins, vitamins, minerals..)


→Generally contain refined sugar

→High in calories (fat, sugar…)




Some common unhealthy ingredients in Junkfoods:

Trans Fats:

→ Increases LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol)

→ Skin aging; it can make skin more vulnerable to UV rays. Thus, skin is more prone to develop photoaging and may even develop skin cancer.


“Hydrogenated” anything.

→Oils such as vegetable oils, sunflower, rapeseed oils they are actually safe in their original dorms. But they mostly need hydrogenation to stay stable when used in junkfood. These ones can lead to inflammation.


Any refined sugar (it is mentioned in the step? Above)

Any phtalate; Besides being present in many cosmetics they can even be present in junkfood. This chemical can have an impact on fertility, even causing birth defects




  • Stop Smoking

Keep in mind that 1 cigarette contains approximately:

600 ingredients, when burned, around 7000 chemicals are produced.

→More than 60 of these ingredients are known to cause cancer

→More than 200 ingredients are known as toxic



Smoking can cause many problems, such as slowing healing process and even skin cancer.

It is also widely known cigarettes causing premature aging.


Premature aging; smoking leads to vascular constriction which leads constricted blood vessels inhibit oxygen and blood flow from reaching skin cells. Moreover, due to the chemicals in the cigarette, smoking damages collagen and elastin which results in premature aging and causes fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Moderate Alcohol Consumption

One of its biggest effect on your skin is dehydration which leads to wrinkles and pores to be more visible.

Fine lines and wrinkles; alcohol accelerates the aging process. As we know that alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, the skin gets dry from the inside out.

This dehydration helps wrinkles to appear way more easily and with time, they keep growing deeper.

-Alcohol acts as an inhibitor of Vitamin A, which promotes natural skin moisturizing which is very important for maintaining a youthful and firm skin.

-Its consumption also inhibits the absorption of vital nutrients such as; folic acid, and zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, which are all beneficial for a healthy and youthful skin.




  • Workout



Bonus tip: Stem Cell facial (Fibrocell)

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