Happiness? Secret to your glowing skin :)

Skin is the largest organ of our body, thus reflecting our emotions and health conditions. Our skin is also a big indicator on how we are feeling, let’ see why😊:


– When you feel good, your skin is glowing, in ideal balance.

– When you feel stressed your skin looks more dehydrated and duller or start breaking out

– When you feel ashamed your cheeks turns red.

– When you are in love your skin just feels different …

– When you feel deeply emotional about something, you have goosebumps…

– When you fear something, your skin becomes pale


We can conclude that there is a link between your feelings and your skin.


Connection between bad mood and skin issues,

How can bad mood affect your Skin?

Of course, sometimes, skin issues can be the cause of a bad mood, but at the same time bad mood also affects your skin (acne, aging signs…)

Negative emotions (anxiety, anger, depressions, stress…) can affect your skin in different ways to different extents. The longer the negative emotion persists the more severe your skin condition may result. The problem can result in aging signs, acne, rosacea, eczema…

Negative emotions (anxiety, anger, depressions, stress…) make your adrenal glands release some hormones into your body:  cortisol, adrenaline(=epinephrine), and small amount of testosterone.

These hormones trigger reactions into your body:

-more fragile blood vessels

-interrupt collagen production (resulting in fine lines and wrinkles)

-reduce skin’s ability to heal

-increased blood in your vessels (which can lead to undereye circles and puffiness)

-can also lead to acne and rosacea


On top of that, as if the cortisol was not enough, when you are feeling negative, your diet generally starts being unhealthy too (chips, refined sugars, alcohol …).

All of these things impact your skin too.




Positive feeling-Skin relation:

Did you know that positive emotions increase your skin’s ability to repair itself? When you feel happy and relaxed your skin also contributes to your happiness by looking healthy, younger and radiant!


When you are happy, your body releases “feel good” hormones: endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

These hormones help your body being in a healthy state; your blood circulates properly, and oxygen properly passes throughout your body. This healthy proper process shows in your skin


Conclusion, what to do?

Sometimes we do not realize the skin problem is here because of a psychological issue. Sometimes you need both a dermatological and psychological approach.

This is called Psychodermatology:

Psychodermatology – the study of the link between your mind and your skin.



P.S: Happiness may have a huge impact on your skin’s health, but it is not the only one of course; healthy skincare, healthy diet, sleep and genetics play huge role too.

If you want to look good and feel good an overall balanced lifestyle is key😊: Focus on; having joyful moments, healthy skincare, sleeping well, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise…

When you feel good, your skin does too😊 Win-Win !


Some ideas to feel good and relaxed:




-Get a massage


-Acupuncture (from a specialist)

-Spare yourself a “me time” recurrently and do whatever you enjoy doing!

-Walk in nature



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