Geisha Skincare Secrets


đŸ€« Who are Geishas?


They have a mysterious universe which fascinate many of us.

👉The first Geishas are known to be born around 18th century.
👉Geishas, apart from known by being simply dancers and singers, they also involve social and political meetings.
👉They are well-educated for many years in many areas such as art, foreign languages, serving tea, art of speaking…

Moreover, they also master “the art of beauty” 
 Here are some of their refined beauty secrets:


Geishas are like “haute couture”, they are elegant and refined. Thus, this leads to the belief that they also use very complicated mixtures in their beauty regimen.

But this is untrue, the secret is

Geishas use only few ingredients (rice, camellia oil, seaweed, green tea …) which they mainly use the same ingredients for multiple purpose (make-up remover, for skin, for hair, in food



Did you know that 
. first Geishas were male?

They first appeared around 1730.

Only about 20 years later female geishas appeared as “Odoriko” (dancers) then “Shamisen players”.

Female geishas quickly dominated the domain around 1780.



  • Rice

-Anti-Aging benefits:
Rice is rich in gamma oryzanol which boosts collagen production


-Lightening benefits:
Rice gradually helps lightening skin complexion



  1. Rice Water

Rice – how to:

-Rince your face with organic rice water everyday



  1. Rice powder

Geishas are famous for their “white mask” aspect on their skin. This aspect comes from rice powder.

Rice powder is 100% vegetable powder. Rice powder is obtained by the process of grinding grains of rice.


This powder is applied after bintsuke-abura (which is an oil/wax used to help foundation stay on appear smoother).


Rice powder benefits:
-boosts collagen (which prevents apparition of fine lines and wrinkles)

-hides skin imperfections






  • Bintsuke-abura

Bintsuke-abura is an oil/wax made of camellia oil and wax.

-This saves the skin from makeup getting into the pores. It acts like “a barrier” between the skin and make-up.

Bintsuke-abura is used to help foundation stay on appear smoother




  • Camellia Oil


Camellia (Tsubaki) oil can even be used for sensitive skins.

This oil is rich in Oleic Acid which helps retaining skin’s moisture.



  • Green Tea


Green Tea has plenty of polyphenols which fights against free radicals.

Green Tea is also beneficial against skin cancer

Green Tea contains polyphenol in high quantity which has anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

When applied o-topically, it can also protect the skin from external pollution and UV harms





  • Gentle oils to remove make-up


No harsh cleanser nor soap is used when removing make-up.

They prefer what we call the “oil cleansing method”, where oil is dissolved by oil basically.



  • No alcohol-based toner

Geishas stay away from ingredients that strips the skin’s moisture where they would have to feed it back.




  • Skin UV protection

To avoid UV harms, they avoid sun in the first place; they most of the time don’t expose their skin to the sun.

When skin is exposed to the sun, they use “sun umbrellas” to keep their skin white, or hide their skin with some fabric.

  • Kobido: anti-aging Skin Massage


Kobido is a traditional Japanese skin massaging technique.

It can prevent apparition of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles





  • Skin routine


Geishas, on top of using the “oil cleansing method”, they are also known to use the “double cleansing” plus the “double moisturizing” methods.

Double Cleansing part:

  • Removing make-up: to get rid of makeup (and dirt, dust, sebum
), gentle products are used such as oil or a cleansing milk.
  • Get rid of dead skins: to get rid of dead skins (and dirt, dust, 
), oils or special creams can be used.


After double-cleansing, then comes the double moisturization part.













For hair:


Camellia oil:

Camellia oil contains oleic acid, which is also present in hair naturally. Moreover, Camellia oil unlike many other oils, it is a thin oil, which does not look greasy on hair.




Kushi is a wooden hairbrush/comb.

Unlike artificial hairbrushes (composed nylon, plastic
), Kushi is a wooden brush with many beneficial sides for your hair.


– Anti-static benefits; they help your hair getting rid of present static from your hair. Plus, they don’t  produce static unlike artificial hairbrushes do.

– Cuticle-friendly; Kushi does not damage your hair like artificial brushes (because they have harsh bristles for your hair).

-They can distribute very well natural oil all over your hair

-Massage your scalp, increase blood flow, hence, leading to hair growing faster.

(and many other benefits 😊)





For silky smooth hair:

Apply Camellia oil, around 1 hour before washing hair: Geishas are known to brush their hair with Kushi, while applying Camellia oil.









Healthy eating:

As we know, Healthy eating contributes not only on your general health but also a LOT concerning your beauty (especially skin and hair).

Geishas as many other normal Japanese people, their mainly eat healthy foods such as: fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, seaweed, and tea.

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